First Show of the Season

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First Show of the Season

Photos c2009 by Nickers and Ink.

All rights reserved.

The Show Off –

A Horse of Dreams Is All He Seems

The year’s first show began our quest

To put our gelding to the test.

This apparition on patrol

Took every turn to rock and roll.

Apologizing we are not

For putting others on the spot.

They came to play, and so did we,

My daughter and her horse and me.

This thoroughbred of darkest bay

Adores the limelight on display.

A competition draws him out,

Eliminating judges’ doubt.

His secret lies within his chest

With heart that beats above the rest.

A well-placed fence is opportune,

And for his girl, he’ll jump the moon.

The season opener, of course,

He took in stride, this glory horse.

Though twilight beckoned, no retreat,

He leapt to win, the course complete.

He lost the right lead, but returned

And ripped the runaway unspurned.

His pilot, decked in tailored threads,

Flashed pearly teeth and turned all heads.

As sunset crept across the clouds,

And battle scars befell the crowds,

We packed our tack to homeward crawl

And hang his ribbons on his stall.

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  1. Very cool!

    I love horses, reading, writing, the bible and photography!

  2. victory in the right spirit of play , nicely said \|/

  3. Handsome - and looks like he knows it! ;)

    Tink *~*~*
    Now Playing at My Mobile Adventures *~*~* :
    The unfortunately named peacock at Disney and Busch Gardens

  4. Hi!
    Beautiful horse!! Loved the poem! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!!


  5. i love your poetry so much Sandy

  6. Hi, I'm here from SOOC Sunday! Love your horse photos! Such handsome creatures! :)



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