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Hope SPRINGS Eternal

Photo c2009 by Nickers and Ink.

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Here we go, entering another week of deep-frost days in the frozen tundra of the Northern United States. We're waiting and watching and hoping for warmer days.

We’ve been visiting the stalls,

while forestalling equine training and horseback riding

on far too many days.

We’ve wrapped fetlocks in frosty barn aisles.

We’ve frolicked in snowy pastures with young horses.

We’ve played take-turns-for-turnout

in the indoor arena on sub-zero days.

We’ve blanketed horses and hoped for the best.

We’ve banged buckets,

jump-started cold rigs

and dug out buried pasture gates.

We’re ready to hit the trails again, but the world is not yet ready. Groundhog Day is less than a month away. Do we dare hope for an early spring thaw?

Ask any horse lover in the North.

Once we make it to March, we know we're gonna make it!

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  1. Hi!
    Great Photo! I am so ready for spring! We just got 8 inches of the white stuff this week! Have a great day!!


  2. there is a simplicity, a cool beauty in that landscape, that quickens me...



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