Frozen Fun in the Field

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Frozen Fun in the Field

Like a rollercoaster of refreshment, a romping herd of young horses in the snow can be just the ticket to a warmer outlook.

Hey, it works for me!

Photos c2009 by Nickers and Ink

All rights reserved.

Midwinter Mirth –

A Limericked Word on My Favorite Herd

No misty magic tops the mirth

In fact, no wonder on the earth

Eclipses joy in fields of frost,

As horses’ hoofprints mark criss-cross

In sweetest snow, for all they’re worth.

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  1. Love the poem. Works well with the images.

  2. nice poem! love your winter pictures too, beautiful shot..

  3. Very beautiful scenery,horses and poem. You are a good artist even better. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great photos, great poem, great job! Thanks for sharing

  5. What a beautiful sunny winter day.

  6. the tracks in the snow and horses in the background add to the beauty of this!

  7. Looks like the horses are enjoying the sunshine and the snow fields. You certainly have a way with words. Nice post! Hi from sunny California.

  8. horses, snow and blue skies.... so wonderful!

  9. I'm not an equine sort of person but I love the way those tracks have captured the excited cantering of the horses!



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