Holiday Shopping for Horse Lovers

Holiday Shopping for Horse Lovers

Giddy-up, Santa!

It’s not too late to pick up a thoughtful and practical Christmas or holiday gift for your favorite horse lover. Try these super ideas for last-minute shopping. (CTRL-click on each title to open that article in a new window.)

Top 5 Online Gift Shopping Sites for Horse Lovers

Giddy up for horsey holiday shopping! Christmas shopping for horse lovers is simple, if you know where to look online. Several equestrian e-tailers offer clever and unique horsey holiday items that will surely delight your favorite equiphile.

Top 5 Online Christmas Gift Cards for Horse Lovers
Christmas shopping for a horse lover? Do you feel a little lost in a saddlery? Here's an easy solution. Grab your credit card and your mouse, or pick up the phone. Choose one of these popular online Christmas gift cards for horse lovers.

Great Gifts for Horse Lovers
If you love a horse-lover, you may already have the ideal gift in mind. If not, don't be saddled with guilt. Here's a bit of advice: Skip the bridal shop, and head for the bridle shop. Shoppers, start the stampede!

Great Gift Idea: Peppermint Ponies
How many horse-lovers are on your Christmas list this year? Here's a fun and easy craft you can make yourself, even if you are not too crafty. Enlist a bunch of children, and you can whip these up in a jiffy!

Choosing a Horse for a Child
Looks aren't everything, especially when you are selecting a first horse for a youngster. What guidelines can help you to choose the best horse for the child you love?

Getting Ready for Horseback Riding: First Time in the Saddle
So you're ready to begin horseback riding. Good for you! Of course, you will want to begin with a few lessons before you head out on the trails or into the open country. How can you decide where and how to start?

Use Your Head! Choosing a Safety Helmet for Horseback Riding
Equestrian helmets are essential to safety in the riding arena or on the trails. This article outlines how to find a horseback riding helmet that fits the head and fits the bill.

Product Review - Mountain Horse Rimfrost Paddock Books
Evaluating the quality, features, and durability of these heavy-duty winter paddock boots for equestrian and other purposes.

Related Items of Interest

(CTRL-click on each title to open that article in a new window.)

Growing Young Horse Lovers
Where does a passion for equines begin? Some children are born horse lovers. Other youngsters may express an interest in pony rides or even horseback riding lessons, but lose interest after a few sessions. What makes the difference?

Horse Show Ribbon Displays Made Easy
Equestrians who participate in horse shows may collect plenty of prize ribbons. Tack stores and horsey catalogs sell horse show ribbon displays, but these can be pricey. What are some creative ways equestrian can display horse show ribbons at home?

Endurance Trail Riding Gear
Equestrian expeditions can be enjoyable for both horse and rider, if you are both prepared. What a wonderful way to see the countryside and get some exercise at the same time! What will you need for a long-distance ride?

Horseback Riding Basics: Have You Got What it Takes?
Going horseback riding on vacation or nearby? What equipment and supplies will you need for a basic ride? Here's a simple checklist for occasional equestrians.

Thanks for Sharing! What Foods Can You Share with Your Horse?
Horses enjoy a lot of the same treats we do! What foods can you share with a horse, and how can you safely do so? Article lists several foods horses may enjoy, and some that may be toxic for equines, as well as safe and smart ways to share.

Christmas Trail Ride - a Rhymed Activity on the Nativity
When Mary went to Bethlehem, She rode atop an ass, but then, The trail was arduous and coarse; Perhaps she traveled on a horse.

Merry Christmas and Happy Horsey Holidays to all!

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