Frosted Wonder

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Frosted Wonder

Photo c2008 by Nickers and Ink

Stardust and Snowflakes –

A Winter’s Day for Bay and Grey

On Gypsy wings, the wind she sings,

Her timely tune to share.

Each feathered fetlock softly clings

Against the frosted air.

The icy breeze, she dances free;

As equines watch and wait.

A mystic wave may meet them there

Beside the pasture gate.

And I believe the wild ones weave

An ever-present truth.

For here they dare not to deceive

The blinding bloom of youth.

A swath of stardust meets each mane

Despite the daylight’s glare,

And each receives, yet can’t contain

The joy beyond compare.

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  1. There's beauty wild and tamed in this - great winter images!

  2. Amazing how you combine the prompts into such a delightful and thoughtful piece. Nice work!

  3. The joy is palpable. Thanks for sharing this with OSI.

  4. Hi-
    I read all poetry aloud. This sings. Your musical word choices, rhyme, and meter- oh the sounds emphasize this delight.

  5. In a way this reminds me of a song I used to love called Wildfire.

  6. Truly Joyous. Beautiful images.

    guts wrench out.....

    And please do visit Poetry Train being run each Monday!

  7. its wonderful how you manage to capture a cold scene, yet with the sun and the pretty animals. i love it!

    happy hots!

  8. Brrrrrrrrrr. Looks cold to me....too cold. But still very pretty. I think because of the horses watching you and you watching the horses.

    Great post.

    My HoT is posted. I have a 'watch' cat, sunrise, history and movies today.

    Happy New Year Wishes to you and yours.

  9. The rhythm of the poem is like the rhythm of the wind combing through the horses' manes!

  10. There is surely something untamed about this poem. You did a nice job of integrating the different prompts into one coherent piece. As usual, you catch the untamed spirit of a horse so well.

  11. Amazing images AND poetry!!! My lucky day! Would love to chat with you more sometime! :)

    --Brandon De Hoyos
    Guide to IM
    Free Chat Rooms and More!

  12. Are these heavy horses? I'll have to go back and peer at the photo. This is very festive and I like the old world feel to it. Great post and thank you for the lovely verse.

  13. Beautiful imagery in both verse and photo. Happy New Year!

  14. This also reminds me of the song "Wildfire" It has a very whimsical feel. Thanks

  15. Lovely photo and beautiful poetic verses ... your creative gifts SHINE and grace all who visit.
    Hugs and blessings,

  16. Gorgeous photo! It's so peaceful and inspiring.

  17. makes me want to whinny and run like the wind, showering stardust on everything behind me!

    Many thanks for this!!

  18. What a gift! - to convey so much feeling, imagery, and music in a few words!



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