Standing Still

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Rockin’ Chair Writers (“Tell us what’s really on your mind.”)
Simply Snickers (“standing” and “still”)
Wordless Wednesday – Saturday edition

She’s standing still,
Against her will,
Although she’d rather
Run for thrill.

Our mare of gold
Is growing old,
And yet her story
Must be told.

Her motor stirs;
No need for spurs,
She longs to run
As she prefers.

And yet, she slows
Before my “Whoa’s.”
Her energy now
Ebbs and flows.

I pray she’ll stay
Many a day
For I delight
To hear her “Neigh.”

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  1. she looks beautiful being still, yet she'll also looking gorgeous galloping against the wind :)

  2. Pretty photo, lovely countryside. You must be in bliss all the time!

    Tink *~*~*
    My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

  3. Thanks for all the links to the prompts. I'll check them out. Love your poem too!

  4. I hope you have many more days with her. It's always sad when animals we love get older and slow down.

  5. I'm sorry to hear she's getting old, she sounds like someone very close to me..

    Written beautifully..

  6. Came over from the odd shots blogroll but got a lovely surprise. Gorgeous shot and excellent poem.

  7. Love it! I have to put up a photo of my sister's new arrival...

  8. I like the simplicity of the style - it fits the horse as subject, even to the four-line stanzas for a four-legged character.

  9. my friend has a clydesdale that's almost 30 years old...made me think of her and her special relationship wiht this horse...

  10. I love your poem...truely those lasting feelings that we horse/animal-lovers have for each animal that comes and goes...

    Poetry and horses...what could be better?! :)

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