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Metaphors have a way
of holding the most truth
in the least space.
-- Orson Scott Card

(Tankas of Truth)

How we doubt His heart,
Honoring much lesser gods,
Human-bound ideals.
Horses freely lead us home,
Holding high the simplest truth.

Ordinary, not.
Obviously, Heaven-sent.
Our Creator’s gift.
Out of His own hand, they run
Off without a stumbling step.

Reason beckons us,
Rationing our deep desire,
Ruining the dream.
Regardless, we plunge onward,
Racing past delight to joy.

Somehow, promise pours,
Stimulating both of us,
Steed and humankind.
Saddle up for higher call,
Sprinting for sunset and rest.

Everything else fades,
Easing into nothingness.
Evermore, we fly.
Each outing erases doubt.
Equines confirm God’s great love.

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  1. Ohh I love your words!
    We are horse lovers, too :)
    Found you via HoT - great post.

  2. Wow... your a great writer. This is really a nice site. :) Keep it up! HAPPY HOT and Thank you for dropping by. :)

  3. very nice, I was watching a horse today, and yes your words are a very nice parallel to my thoughts...

  4. I like that all your starting words are good and strong! Just like a horse! Well done.

  5. Clever use of H-O-R-S-E - Well done.

  6. Reading it aloud I could feel the gallop of the horse under me - sweet! The metaphor is stunning. :)



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