What's Your Name?

Just for fun today, "The Mane Point Is ..." posting a poem I wrote to help children (and the rest of us) remember the correct names for various baby animals.

What's Your Name?

Those baby animals are sweet;
Look at their tiny eyes and feet.
What can you call a girl or boy,
The parent creature’s pride and joy?

A pony’s not a little horse,
A colt or filly is, of course.
But both are known as equine foals,
Right from their tails up to their polls.

A newborn cow is called a calf,
Born from the bull’s own better half.
And gators have both bulls and cows,
Though odd, it’s just what truth allows.

An antelope babe, buck or doe,
May outrun the big buffalo,
Whose bull or cow may rise to eat,
While ram or ewe lambs loudly bleat.

Still, bucks and does may include squirrels,
As with all rodent boys and girls.
Though mallards may have drakes and ducks,
Most flying birds have hens and cocks.

Hogs and hedgehogs, out of doors,
Give birth to tiny sows and boars.
And cats produce tomcats and queens,
Depending on their gender genes.

So nature needs an answer key,
To name its own, both he and she.
As creatures young, on sea and land
Arrive together, babies grand.

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