How to Trim a Horse's Bridle Path

How to Trim a Horse's Bridle Path -
Clipping Without Slipping

What is a bridle path?

To betrothed lovers, a bridal path is the aisle to the wedding altar. However, to horse lovers, a bridle path is something altogether different.

In fact, a bridle path may be either an outdoor trail that has been groomed for equestrian use or a groomed area of the horse's mane to accommodate tack. This second application is what is meant by a horse's bridle path.

How can you trim a horse's bridle path simply and neatly?

For most equestrian disciplines, a horse's mane is trimmed at the poll, just behind his ears. This creates a clear area, or path, where a bridle or halter may sit neatly upon his head.

Here's the best way, particularly with a young horse, who may be unaccustomed to this process.
B = Begin early.
E = Expect to take your time.
S = Start with scissors.
T = Trim only a small area of the horse's mane, at least at first.

Eventually, you'll be able to pick up the clippers and zip through that perfect bridle path in a jiffy!

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