Horsey Products We Love - Troxel Spirit Equestrian Helmet

Horsey Products We Love - Troxel Spirit Equestrian Helmet

"Heads Up!"

Smart horseback riders use their heads, by wearing equestrian safety helmets. Which is the best utilitarian safety cap for schooling, training and everyday riding? Here's the one we like.

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You can find Troxel's Spirit helmet in direct-mail catalogs (such as Rods, SmartPak Equine and Valley Vet) . Online businesses (such as Adams Horse Supply, Dover Saddlery, Legacy Tack, and State Line Tack) carry it as well. Most brick-and-mortar tack stores will also offer it.

Consignment stores (particularly equestrian ones) and used tack sale sites (such as Ebay and Horsetopia) may offer used helmets, although I would not recommend these. Even a small crack in the outer shell or inner liner may diminish the protective capacity of a riding helmet. In other words, a cheap helmet may prove quite costly!

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  1. I have a Troxel spirit myself and I HATE how it looks. Its so huge and heavy that it pushes down my forehead and starts to hurt after a few minutes. I do like the dial fit system but there is no place to put my pony tail. I guess its okay for training butnot okay for shows.



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