A Soft Place to Land - Preparing for the Foal

A Soft Place to Land
Preparing for the Foal

The mare is restless. Her tail is sagging a bit, and her udder is swollen and leaking waxy drops. Eleven months after her breeding to the prized stallion, her time is finally here. She is nearly ready.

The foaling stall must be prepared as well. Basically, it is impossible to fully disinfect a horse's stall. Simply put, the area will be quickly sullied, when the mare makes the home her own. However, you can take several steps to prepare a suitable spot for her to have her foal. Six major factors come into play.

1) Give her some space.
2) Privacy is paramount.
3) Strip the stall.
4) Keep it soft.
5) Make it safe.
6) Be discrete.

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