Respect Your Elders - Caring for Your Senior Horse

Your elderly equine carried you for many seasons. How can you care for him in his golden years?

Horses may survive and thrive well into their 20s, and ponies may live past 30. Essentially, a horse ages three years for every human year, so a five-year-old horse is equivalent to a 15-year-old human; a 15-year-old horse is considered middle-aged (as a 45-year-old human), and a 25-year-old horse approximates a 75-year-old senior citizen.

The late, great Little Giant, a senior Arabian horse

By the time your beloved equine companion reaches these golden years, he has served as your friend, confidante, and riding partner for a good long while. How can you return the favor and care for him in his final days?

Here are the top ten things you can do for your old friend:

1. Keep Him Moving.
2. Protect His Teeth.
3. Maintain His Feet.
4. Groom Him Daily.
5. Offer Enough Water.
6. Improve His Nutrition.
7. Monitor His Medications.
8. Give Him Fresh Air.
9. Protect Him in the Pasture.
10. Remember Your Ally.

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