Stepping up down-under with Chrissy, the line-dancing horse

Have you spotted Chrissy, the line-dancing horse? No, she’s not a big, fancy Warmblood dressage horse, trained in classical exercises. But she’s no brumby, either.

This fancy-stepping mare is all about country music. She's won awards for her fancy footwork, and she’s gone positively viral. If you haven’t seen Chrissy, the line-dancing horse, they you ought to catch a glance.

Chrissy is owned by the Marshall family of Australia, where she often wows crowds with her rhythm.

The chestnut mare trips the light fantastic on the dance floor.

The Marshall’s Chrissy has even caught the eye of Bill Bader, the famous Canadian line-dancing choreographer and instructor. Bader is perhaps best known for creating the “Boot-Scootin’ Boogie,” founding the Professional Association of Line Dancers, and orchestrating several Guinness World Record attempts and successes in line dancing.

Lest you suspect we’re a bit around the twist, take a look for yourself at Chrissy, the line-dancing horse.



Who’s got some tickle in their shoes now, after seeing such a sight?

OK, so Chrissy may not know how to half-pass, but we’d bet she’s not half-bad at the Texas Two-Step. What other horse knows line dancing?

Note to Jerry and Ann Moss, racing trainer John Shirreffs, and Dottie Ingordo-Shirreffs: Maybe Zenyatta could try this, once the prancing princess of the paddock has weaned her little prince.  Of course, the Zen-girl's soundtrack would be considerably different. (Paging Sting, stat!)

Chrissy, the line-dancing mare of Australia
Video Screenshot/Fair Use Photo

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