Stephen Colbert lampoons Romney's horse Rafalca and dressage

Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann Romney, is an avid equestrian. The Romneys are horse lovers, and they particularly love Grand Prix Dressage.

Now it seems their dressage trainer (and co-owner of Rafalca) Jan Ebeling may take their 1997 Oldenberg to the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.

Ebeling showed Rafalca in the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) National Dressage Championships this past weekend in Gladstone, New Jersey. The event is recognized as a qualifying event for the US Dressage Team for the London 2012 competition.

Rafalca (Argentinus x Ratine by Rubenstein I) placed third in the USEF National Dressage Championships.

Stephen Colbert chimed in on the news. What would Joe Sixpack say about the Romneys’ dressage feat?

Take a look at The Colbert Report’s look at Rafalca and dressage:


What do you think, horse lovers?

Does the Romney’s interest in dressage affect your political position on the upcoming American Presidential election? Would you vote yea or nay (er, neigh) on a Presidential candidate that dabbled in dressage? How do you feel about a First Lady with equestrian pursuits – and a closet-full of full-seat breeches?

Would Olympic equestrian pursuits take the Romneys off the campaign trail for a week or two this summer, just one month before the Republican National Convention?  Or might they include London's Greenwich Park in a whistle-stop tour? Maybe they could work in a hop over the Big Pond, on their way to Tampa Bay for the late-August RNC.

Regardless of politics, Colbert’s take on dressage offers an unusual angle on this equestrian discipline. And why not?

Ann Romney rides on.

Hey, the lady has multiple sclerosis (MS) and still follows her horsey dreams. Can’t fault her for that.

Get off your high horse, Colbert.

But not before you crack us all up.

Romney's Rafalca and Jan Ebeling
Video Screen Shot - Fair Use

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