Can't wait to see ‘War Horse’ December 28 ... or before

Can't wait to see ‘War Horse’ December 28 ... or before

Take a look at the trailer for Steven Spielberg’s upcoming “War Horse” movie! The film, based on Michael Morpugo’s 1982 novel,  will likely carry a PG-13 rating (for violence).


The plot follows a horse from quiet farm life to the battle lines in World War I and beyond. "War Horse" should appeal to horse lovers, history buffs and action-adventure movie fans alike.

“War Horse” is already a hit stage play, beginning in London and moving to Broadway a few months ago. The live production features life-sized puppet horses, unlike the Spielberg film, which stars real equines. The movie, originally scheduled for a late summer release, is due in theaters during Christmas vacation.

Hoping for a sneak preview peek at this one.

“War Horse” promotional movie poster

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  1. Ooou! Thanks for this post!!
    Made me cry for knowing of the horses valor and bravery~



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