Can an ass be elected to office?

Can an ass be elected to office?

Marko can’t play polo, but perhaps he will get a kick out of politics. The grey donkey has been named as a mayoral candidate in the Bulgarian city of Varna.

The Society for New Bulgaria has proposed Marko to run against incumbent mayor, Kiril Yordanov, perhaps unsaddling him of his governmental responsibilities in an equid-able election.

“The donkey has a strong character, doesn’t steal, doesn’t lie and gets work done,” Angel Dyankov, campaign head, told reporters.

Can the donkey win?

If he brays attention, who knows? Marko the donkey is proving to be quote photogenic. Best of all, his handlers claim he will serve with a mulish determination and offer no kickbacks. His plank has not yet been revealed.

Perhaps not surprisingly, his political rival is balking at the possibility of running against the burro.  Yordanov claims such a suggestion is undignified. Onlookers have quipped that it may be too early to tell who might make an ass out of whom.

Voting in Varna is scheduled to take place on October 23rd.

Could this happen anywhere else?

As campaign managers trot out their candidates for our own upcoming elections, we cannot help but wonder. Certainly asses have been elected before, regardless of which animals may represent their own political parties’ mascots. Others have simply sown their wild oats while in office.

Perhaps the time has come to stop horsing around, when it comes time to vote. Can we pick off the jackasses, and choose real candidates?

Grey Donkey photo by Dixi – Creative Commons Licensing

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