My Little Pony Celebrities: How Did Santa Miss This?

My Little Pony Celebrities: How Did Santa Miss This?

Did Santa Claus tuck a My Little Pony toy in your Christmas stocking this year?

Bet St. Nick didn’t pick one of these celebrity versions of the popular 1980s children’s plastic horse toy. After all, these pricey Pop-Art creations may not be found in toy stores or Santa’s North Pole Workshop.

They’re only shown in select art museums.

Finnish sculptor Mari Kasurinen has fashioned an entire line of celebrity My Little Pony toys. 

Mari Kasurinen’s My Little Pony collection, now on display in a London art museum exhibit, includes this variety of celebrities, movie characters and popular culture icons:
    Alice in Wonderland, Alien, Andy Warhol, Batman, Batman and Robin, Belle, Catwoman, Cheshire Cat, Chewbacca, Crybaby, Darth Vader, Edward Scissorhands, Elvis Presley, Gene Simmons, Godzilla, Han Solo, Jack Skellington, Joker, Lady Gaga, Luke Skywalker, Mad Hatter, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, Poison Ivy, Predator, Princess Leia, Skeletor, Spock, Starbuck, Stormtrooper, Superman, Wonder Woman, Ziggy Stardust and more.
      Wonder what the price points might be for these fancy prancing pony toys. What a way to rock that Christmas stocking next year ... if only these My Little Pony creations were actually on sale somewhere.

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