Animal Psychology and Popular Theology Made Simple

Animal Psychology and Popular Theology Made Simple

Can animals teach humans a thing or two about theology? Do animals even believe in God?

These questions may give us cause for pause (or paws, if you prefer).

Here are a few off-the-hoof statements – ideas we might sink our collective teeth into. Ponder these, and see what you think. Leave a comment, if you dare.

How do some of our favorite animals think about God?

The horse likely thinks to himself, “My human feeds me, so there must be a God.”

The cow might grumble moodily and say to herself, “I feed myself, along with everyone else. Is there really a God?”

The goat may have less discerning ideas, opining thusly: “I eat nearly anything. Maybe God is everywhere.”

The dog may consider deity this way: “My human feeds me, so he must be God.”

The cat probably sums her own theology up succinctly: “My human feeds me, so I must be God.”

The human, perceiving all this intrigue, may decide this: “Look at all the wondrous creatures God has made.”

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