Whoa! Who are the a$$e$ now?

Whoa! Who are the a$$e$ now?

File this one under animal cruelty, advertising stunts gone bad or simply bad taste.

Russian marketers set up an animal stunt on a beach on the Sea of Azov in southern Russia. Presumably, the event was intended to promote parasailing. The admen tied a donkey into a parasailing harness and launched the frightened equid over the water.

But the terrified donkey brayed loudly and panicked, as beach crowds watched.

Looks like the ad backfired, resulting in poor publicity worldwide.

How do you feel about flying or parachuting donkeys? What about animals in advertising?



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  1. I have no problem with animals in advertising as long as they are treated with respect... this goes beyond cruelty.... obviously the MEN who thought this ridiculous stunt up were thinking with their testicles rather than their brains.... that seems to happen a lot when MEN put their heads together in an attempt to make money.... idiots all of them.... I can only hope they will get the 2 years in jail for such idiotic behavior....



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