Sad Stampede - Iowa Parade Tragedy

Sad Stampede - Iowa Parade Tragedy

Many condolences to the parade participants and spectators in Bellevue, Iowa, this past weekend.

Equestrian drivers and horseback riders know parades can be particularly tricky with horses. Even the calmest mounts (and carriage horses) can be startled by sudden sights and sounds. Tack can break.

Despite the parade horse tragedy in Iowa, countless other parades went off without a hitch (so to speak) this past weekend. Perhaps we can all count our blessings ... each time a parade finishes without incident.

Personally, I'm planning to participate in another parade or two ... later this season. Guess I will check my bridles an extra time or two before mounting up.

May God bless and comfort the Iowa parade victims and their families.

And let's be careful out there.

A 60-year-old Iowa woman was killed, and at least 23 others were injured, when a pair of carriage horses panicked and bolted during a 4th of July parade...
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Randy Kittleson, DPM, of Verona, Wisconsin, was injured by a pair of runaway carriage horses during a 4th of July parade in Bellevue, Iowa, on Sunday,...
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