Shaping Up in the Saddle?

Shaping Up in the Saddle?

Enduring the winter months can be a weighty proposition, even for equestrians. How many chilly days might we choose not to ride, while we wait for warmer weather?

Would you like to know exactly how many calories you can burn by horseback riding? offers a free online calorie calculator. Equestrian applications include the following:

Horseback riding, general
Horseback riding, quoits
Horseback riding, saddling horse
Horseback riding, trotting
Horseback riding, walking

Just enter your weight, height, age and gender,and see how many calories you can burn - in and out of the saddle.

Perhaps we can all post improved fitness statistics this spring, just by enjoying equestrian sports this winter!

Gee, I wonder how many calories a horse lover might burn while trudging through deep snow into the farthest pastures to fetch horses. . . .


  1. Hah! I haven't ridden for quite a few years and packed on the pounds. I think I'd lose more weight chasing my old man if he was to see me coming with a saddle over my arm!

  2. Best of luck for 2010 for all horse lovers!



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