Horse Sense: 12 Tips

Horse Sense: 12 Tips

I must admit that I have seen this before, although I am sorry to say I do not know the original source of this information. Let’s just suppose it came right from the proverbial horse’s mouth.

Whatever the source, human or horse, these pointers are worth sharing.

12 Tips for Horse Owners

Q: How can you teach a horse to wash his own hooves?
A: Scrub out his water trough, and fill it with fresh water.

Q: What is the best remedy for a constipated horse?
A: Load him into a spotlessly clean horse trailer.

Q: How can equine insomnia be cured on the spot?
A: Enter the horse in a halter class.

Q: How do you set up a show horse in perfect form?
A: Try this after hours when no one else is around.

Q: What’s the easiest way to cause a mare to come into season?
A: Take the mare to a horse show.

Q: How can you ensure a mare will be in-foal after her first live cover?
A: Allow the wrong stallion to escape from his stall.

Q: How do you induce labor in a brood mare?
A: Try to get a good night’s sleep.

Q: What must a horse breeder with a broodmare to ensure perfect offspring?
A: Sell the mare in-foal.

Q: How can a horse owner bring on a rainstorm?
A: Mow a full field of hay.

Q: How can you bring on a cold spell outdoors?
A: Give your horse a full body clip.

Q: What’s the secret to falling in love with a horse?
A: List him for sale.

Q: How can anyone make a small fortune with horses?
A: That’s simple. Start with a large fortune.

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