My Horse: A True Blessing in My Life

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My Horse: A True Blessing in My Life

By Linda Ann Nickerson (Photo at right copyrighted by Nickers and Ink.)

Missie nickered her way into my heart immediately.

My daughter started it by begging me for riding lessons. After a year of watching her posting around the arena, I mustered the gumption to try some lessons.

Within a year, I was hunting for a horse. After test-riding a bay appendix, a solid black Appaloosa and a grey thoroughbred, I bought a chestnut Warmblood. This big red beauty captured me with her floating canter and her powerful, oh-so-rhythmic trot.

We schooled for a few months before entering our first show. Then something magical happened. As we entered the arena, Missie arched her neck, lowered her head and began to prance. It was as if the mare said, “Now it’s my turn. I’ll take it from here,”

After our classes, I untacked Missie, brushed her copper coat and walked her outside for grazing. I had no idea how we would place in the show, but I hoped we would not come in last.

A show runner appeared and handed me three blue ribbons and a multi-colored grand champion rosette. Missie had been right and taken me straight to the winner’s circle in our first show together.

Today, Missie is a 20-year-old mother of three. She has welcomed me and my children into her most private moments of foaling and motherhood. Although she still shines in the sunlight, she no longer enters the show ring.

But Missie has become a far greater blessing. This faithful friend looks up from her pasture grass when I drive through the stable gates. She whinnies and comes running, even before I reach the pasture gate.

I know who the real grand champion is. And though I hope to show her equine offspring someday, no future ribbons can ever replace the wonder of this faithful friend.

Linda Ann Nickerson and daughter with Missie and her first foal, Little Mack. (Photo copyrighted by Nickers and Ink.)

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