A Merry Christmas Sleigh Ride

A Merry Christmas Sleigh Ride

Last week, I accompanied a group of middle school choristers and musicians on a round-robin field trip, as they performed holiday songs in multiple locations around town. The kids did a super job.

Here's the funny part. The orchestra played the classic holiday song, "Sleigh Ride." The audience loved it. However, at the end, there was no neighing horse. (The school's traveling orchestra had no horn.)

I stopped the band teacher after one of the assemblies and offered to send him an authentic tape of a neighing horse. "All we need to do is leave the recently weaned filly in her stall without a horse next door," I said.

The music teacher chuckled and continued packing up orchestral instruments.

Back at home, however, I downloaded and forwarded a WAV file for a neighing horse to his school email box. Apparently, he received the post today, as the choir teacher said she caught him listening and laughing in his office in the school music wing.

Keeping up the holiday spirit, here's a scenic video version of "Sleigh Ride."



Happy horsey holidays!


  1. I love your Sleigh photo and the video was fun...cute horse!
    Merry horsin' Christmas to you too!

  2. The sleigh photo is beautiful. I love the fallen snow effect!



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