Big Jack Attack

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Big Jack Attack

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"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter."
e e cummings

American Poet
(1894 - 1962)

Halting for Humor –

Wisdom from the Wild

Perhaps the sky is falling.

Maybe he bid his senses farewell.

Possibly, he has simply paused to play.

Surely that’s the point.

The ice turns to ivy.

Mud turns to meadow.

Frost turns to flowers.

And I still believe.

Perhaps the halter is a halo.

Maybe his head is a helicopter.

Possibly, he is simply fond of frolic.

Surely that’s the point.

The ice turns to ivy.

Mud turns to meadow.

Frost turns to flowers.

And I still believe.

"Spring is nature's way of saying,
'Let's party!'"
Robin Williams
American Comedian and Actor

5 Things About Which I Plan to Be Intentional This Week:

1) Keeping up with my daily devotional blog.

Throughout 2009, please join us at The Heart of a Ready Writer, a Bible reading and devotional blog, as we read through the entire Bible in chronological order.

2) Riding at least two horses a day (at least four times this week).

3) Hitting the trails every day that weather permits.

4) Ground-training my filly to prepare her for halter and saddle work in a few months.

5) Walking at least two miles each day - for fitness, fresh air and better balance.

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  1. Beautiful horse and thought provoking writing.

    Tabbikat's Thoughts

  2. I love this. What a beautiful post and wow, your horse!

  3. "I still believe" is a wondeful refrain.

  4. really beautiful horse but i'm wondering what was he doing :) he seems to be trying to bite on something?

  5. Lovely poem and you create a wonderful story with the photos of the horse.

  6. Great quote by Robin Williams!!

    And such a beautiful horse. Is he not impressed about having the reins put on? What a tantrum :)

    Riding twice a day would be fantastic. Can I live vicariously through you?

  7. Very sturdy and poetic..you keep pace with the season's change, now you may gallop into the Spring's Blooms

  8. I like your repeated stanza, makes me feel it's alive and happening.

  9. it must real cold then for the horse?

  10. Can you help us stop the mass murder and imprisonment of 33,000 wild horses and burros! The Wild Horse Foundation has a plan that offers a solution, but we need your help! Please stop this trail of carnage and public waste by contacting Ken Salazar at the Bureau of Land Management at the link below:




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