Fragile Finery - Grace and Glory Can Be Costly

(Written upon request of Three Word Wednesday’s prompt on “glass,” question,” and token.”)

Fragile Finery –
Grace and Glory Can Be Costly

A lovely filly, made of glass,
Without question, bonny lass,
Pranced through classes, without par,
Ever graceful superstar.
Leaving others at impasse.

With perfect braids and flexing poll,
She lured the judges to extol
Lovely form and elegance,
Poise and beauty, all at once,
Capturing both heart and soul.

Despite her stunning ways, alas,
This finest filly, Sassafras,
Token flaw, she did possess;
Refinement carried to excess.
For she was made of fragile glass.

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  1. This reminds me of when I was a young girl, absorbing every single book on horses I could possibly get my hands on. The reality came to be though, that I love horses in books much more than I do in person, as falling off while trying to dismount really isn't much fun. :)

    I loved that you named the horse "Sassafrass." Perfect.

  2. Poor Sassafrass--loved the glass part

  3. beautiful... reminds of the horse that recently was suppose to win the derby but came up lame.. they spent all this money over a year he/she survived and then went bad and they put her/him down... it was really an incredible story.. sorry that i cannot remember the name of the horse... even sadder, how quickly we forget...

  4. You paint such a beautiful picture with words. Loved it!

  5. Beautiful language. Made me think of the Velveteen Rabbit. Or the Tin Man.



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