Common Myths About Cats

Common Myths About Cats
It is nearly impossible to spend time at the stables without becoming acquainted with at least a few barn cats. Our family recently adopted an abandoned kitten, found atop a haystack.
For horsey folks and animals lovers of all kinds, The Mane Point offers a Cat Quiz today.

Test Your Cat Knowledge.
Can you determine which of the following statements are TRUE or FALSE? (A link to the answer key appears below.)
1. If a cat purrs, it means he is happy.
2. If a cat falls, he will land on his feet.
3. Cats have nine lives.
4. If a black cat crosses your path, you will have bad luck.
5. Cats are among the smartest of all animals.
6. Cats balance with their whiskers.
7. Milk is good for cats.
8. Cats detest water.
9. Female cats are calmer and more affectionate after they have produced a litter of kittens.
10. Pregnant women can get sick from their cats.
11. If a cat rolls on his back, it means he trusts you.
12. If you can outstare a cat, he will respect you.
13. Cats cannot contract rabies.
14. Cats are good for your health.
15. Cats are dangerous around infants.
16. Cats are evil.
Check Your Cat Answers Here.

How many did you answer correctly?   

Did you try to answer all of the questions before you peeked? After all, curiosity killed the ____ . . . well, never mind!

Match Your Cat Knowledge Score Here.
How many questions did you answer correctly?
1-4  - You always wanted a pet, but never had one.
5-8 - You are possibly a dog person.
9-12 - You have cat-lover potential.
13-14   - Your cat has confidence in you.
15-16 - You’re a true feline aficionado.

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