Product review: Who's wondering about Winnie's Cookies organic horse treats?

Winnie’s Cookies are showing up in equine feed buckets and horse lovers’ hands all over, with horses nickering for more.

What are Winnie’s Cookies?

Made from certified organic ingredients, Winnie's Cookies are soft, sweet, grainy horse treats that include nutritional supplement ingredients like amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. Product publicity materials claim the cookies detoxify a horse’s digestive tract within two months of regular daily usage.

Basic ingredients of Winnie’s Cookies include alfalfa seed, barley, corn, dulse, flax seed, millet, molasses, rye, triticale, wheat bran, whole wheat, and filtered water.

Winnie’s Cookies are produced and sold directly by the manufacturer. They are also available from Amazon.  The equine treats are marketed in quantities ranging from four dozen (currently priced at $27.95) to 32 dozen. A  Cookie Club offers quantity discounts.

The company agrees to bake and ship the cookies on the same day, sending the parcels directly to customers’ homes or barns. Auto-ship  promotions are also offered.

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Do horses like Winnie’s Cookies?

The equine treats, which smell a lot like fresh oatmeal-molasses cookies for humans, seem to appeal to all sorts of horses. A recent sample, received from Winnie’s Cookies, was shared (with horse owners’ permissions) with an Appaloosa, an Arabian, a Morgan, a Paint, a Quarterhorse, and a Thoroughbred in a Southeastern Wisconsin equestrian boarding facility. All of these horses gobbled the treat readily.

Because of their soft-baked organic nature, including the complete absence of additives or preservatives, Winnie’s Cookies must be refrigerated or frozen for safe storage. Also, they need to be handled gently, as they tend to break and crumble easily.

Complimentary (0.5-lb.) samples of Winnie’s Cookies are available (with customers paying for shipping).

Reviewer’s Note: This product reviewer received a free sample of the product described and evaluated here, although the reviewer has no prior or existing relationship (either familial or professional) with the creator, manufacturer or marketer of the product.

What other Winnie’s Cookies products may be found?

Winnie’s Cookies also offers versions for calming, flexion, and mare care needs. A canine cookie variety is available as well.

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