Equestrian terms: What is a bombproof horse?

A bombproof horse is a blessing indeed, particularly for beginning riders. What is a bombproof horse?

“He’s the bomb.”

A bombproof horse is a well-trained equine that is not easily rattled, having a calm temperament and a generally easy disposition. Most bombproof horses have been exposed to an extensive variety of potentially startling stimuli, such as sudden loud noises and sights. Police horses and parade mounts, in particular, experience considerable training to make them as bombproof as possible.

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That horse may be bombproof, but how about wearing a helmet and boots anyway?

Some say a bomb could go off near a bombproof horse, and he wouldn’t go off like a rocket.

Certainly, a real bomb would startle any horse. No horse is 100 percent bombproof, but certain equines lend themselves readily to safer riding and handling, particularly with solid training and experience.

A bombproof horse tends to be forgiving, easily packing young children and beginning equestrians safely.

Often, the older a horse becomes, the more likely he is to become bombproof, although some horses seem naturally to possess a more bombproof bent than others. Other equines may seem to be more like ticking time bombs, just waiting for an excuse to explode.

The term "bombproof" tends to be used less often than in the past, perhaps because it is difficult (read: impossible) to guarantee such a trait in even the best trained and gentlest equine.

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