Chief questions for conscientious horse owners

Horse owners don’t have to have all the answers, even when it comes to caring for their horses. Sometimes we simply have to ask the right questions.

Here are a few examples.

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How might I go about identifying possible equine boarding facilities in my area?

Take a look at these practical pointers: 7 ways to find a new horse boarding barn

How can I pick the right stable for boarding my horse?

How can I be a better boarder at the barn?

Think about these helpful suggestions: 10 ways to be an active and attentive horse boarding client

Why is a Coggins Test required of my horse?

While we’re on the subject of equine veterinarians, is there a proper protocol for vet barn calls?

What if I am considering donating my horse to an equine therapy group?

Perhaps these key questions will spur additional ideas and questions you might choose to consider, as you seek to care most effectively for your own horse.

After all, sometimes the most helpful information is readily available, if we will but ask.

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Chief questions for conscientious horse owners
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