Happy horse masks: Fun with free printables

Horsey masks are adorable to Halloween parties or imaginative play. What horse-happy kid doesn't love pretending to be a pony and galloping all over, while making neighing noises? And, if someone happens to set up a few jumps, well, all the better.

Ready-made horse masks are available online and in costume stores and toy shops. But free printables make fun craft projects for kids. 

Why not enlarge and print these simple horse masks for a pony-themed birthday party or a 4-H meeting? Creative kids can color them to create horses, ponies, donkeys, and even zebras.

Follow these simple instructions to make easy horse masks.

  1. Download or copy these horse mask photos into a document file.
  2. Resize each mask to fit a child-sized face.
  3. Print the images on heavy card-stock paper.
  4. Color the horse masks with crayons or markers.
  5. Cut out each mask. Be sure to cut out the eye holes too.
  6. Punch holes in the sides, and add string – or staple a wooden popsicle stick to the bottom of each mask for the child to hold.

That’s it! Giddy-up – with easy free printable horse masks!

Photo by LAN/The Mane Point
All rights reserved.
Horse masks 
Free printables - 
public domain

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