Gardening-chore gloves are great for equestrian schooling

Sometimes an equestrian can snatch up a super deal, just by thinking outside the horseman department while shopping.

I just picked up a pair of Ansell Projex All Purpose Gloves for less than $8 at Menards. They’re solid and sturdy and stretchy and comfortable. OK, so they’re made for gardening and heavy chores. But they hold the reins nicely. And the price sure beats what the tack store is charging.

These handy gloves (Sorry, had to.) come in bright yellow, red, and royal blue. I picked black, as I’m hoping to use them for a dressage clinic (believe it or not), if my horse and I both happen to be sound and sure and steady and ready in a couple of months, when the weather cools off again.

In recent years, I’ve also liked West County 014TXS Women’s Work Gloves, especially in black or teal. These look and feel a lot like equestrian schooling gloves, but they cost less than $20.

Both styles are machine-washable. And, when the gloves finally grow a little too gamey for the riding ring, they move on to the gardening shed for lots of additional use.

Ansell Projex All Purpose Gloves
Product promotional photo
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