Do the 5 love languages work with horses?

I think I love this guy’s approach to horses. He makes a lot of sense.

Just found an intriguing horse training video from an Australian horseman named Warwick Schiller, in which he applies the principles of a perennially popular Christian marriage counseling book to the horse-human relationship.

Have you read The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman? The series also includes:

Basically, Chapman applies the same principles in each one. He outlines five different ways human beings express and feel love:

  1. acts of service
  2. gifts
  3. physical touch
  4. quality time
  5. words of affirmation

Horse lovers can imagine which of these might speak loudest to our equine partners.

Aussie horse trainer Warwick Schiller takes Chapman’s love language idea and briefly discusses how this concept might work with horses. Essentially, it’s a matter of putting horse and human on the same page, so to speak.

Take a look.



Here’s my favorite take-away quote from this short video.

“Don’t lie to your horse. Don’t ask for anything you don’t want.”

I can use that today with my own horses. Can you?

Maybe Chapman should team up with Schiller to write a 5 Love Languages of Horses edition.

Now, would someone please schedule a clinic with Warwick Schiller in the Upper Midwest US? I have no affiliation with him or his organization. I’d just like to attend and learn.
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  1. Warwick is a fantastic horseman. Join his fb page. He also has a subscription service, hrs and hrs of videos addressing all aspects of anything equine. Well worth a look.x



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