Helmet Geek - and proud of it

I’m a helmet geek, and I’m proud of it. Seriously, I’m like the Helmet Mom at the barn, constantly asking other equestrians (and even trainers) where their helmets are. 

Sure, most riding safety helmets are not all that pretty.

Yeah, they come in all sorts of flashy colors. But they’re not all that flattering to the wearer. Even the fancy blingy ones aren't exactly haute couture.

We get that.

But a head injury’s gotta be worse.

Today, a horse-loving friend posted a scary story. She was trying out a quiet older horse for her therapeutic riding program. I know. One might assume she was in for a gentle ride. But the Steady Eddie mount launched her. Thank God she had strapped on her helmet for the spin.

Not long ago, a seasoned horsewoman I know was grooming her long-time trusty horse, when he suddenly stepped sideways in the barn aisle. He broke the cross ties and toppled my friend to the ground, where she hit her head on the concrete floor. The impact broke her helmet. Boy, was she glad to be wearing it!

Another riding pal slid off her pony on the jump course. It happened nearly in slow motion. He stopped, just before the jump.  But she kept going, right into the sand footing. Although it didn’t look like she fell too hard, the shell of her equestrian safety helmet cracked. But her skull didn’t.

Where’s your helmet?

Here are a few popular equestrian safety helmets – at a range of prices. Pick out any model you like, if you don’t have one - or if you have taken a tumble in yours and need to toss it.

And please wear it!

Helmet Geek
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