Puzzling Over the 2013 Midwest Horse Fair

Spring is starting, and equestrians across the country are prepping for show season. To thousands of equine enthusiasts in the central upper states, the annual Midwest Horse Fair represents the unofficial start of the warm-weather riding season.

Sure, it sometimes snows at the fair, but Midwestern equestrians tend to be a hardy bunch, no matter what the temperature may be.

Before you pack for the Midwest Horse Fair this year, why not test your knowledge of this popular three-day equine exposition? Try this criss-cross puzzle, just for fun. 

(You may choose to print it out, so you can pencil in the blanks.)

2. What 2013 event, new this year to the Midwest Horse Fair, is enlisting horses to model vendors' tack and horse-wear?
5. What skilled individuals will play with fire in a big tent at the Midwest Horse Fair?
8. What ticketed event takes place Friday night, April 19th, at the 2013 Midwest Horse Fair?
9. Who is directing the Epic Night of Horses and Heroes on Saturday night, April 20th?
10. Where is the Alliant Energy Center?
11. Who is the Guinness World Records' tallest living horse, returning to the Midwest Horse Fair in 2013?

1. How can horse lovers score free tickets to the Midwest Horse Fair?
3. Where can horse lovers find studs of many breeds on display at the Midwest Horse Fair?
4. What is the 2013 Midwest Horse Fair theme? (OK, this one is just too easy.)
6. What designated area of the Midwest Horse Fair offers events designed with children in mind?
7. What special people will be admitted free to the 2013 Midwest Horse Fair on Sunday, April 21st?

Did you fill in all the boxes?

I’ll be at the fair … will you?

The 2013 Midwest Horse Fair runs from Friday, April 19, through Sunday, April 21. Are you going?

I’ll be there with my camera in tow. 

Each year, I take tons of photos and post them on my Madison Equestrian Examiner page on Facebook. Stop by and “like” the page, so you can tag those you recognize after the 2013 Midwest Horse Fair is over.

In subsequent weeks and months, you may even find familiar faces, both human and equine, on the page.

2013 Midwest Horse Fair promotional logo – fair use
Puzzle created by Nickers and Ink
at Discovery Education Puzzlemaker

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