A Pleasingly Puzzling Present for Pony Pals

Here’s a puzzle. Actually, it’s more like a riddle.

What’s a horse lover to do when an equestrian clinic seems to drag on forever? 

Or how can a rider pass those hurry-up-and-wait minutes, which invariably stretch into hours, while glancing at his or her equestrian-themed wristwatch or the stable wall clock and peeking at the barn driveway for the farrier or horse vet truck to show up?

You know the drill. 

There’s not enough time to saddle up a favorite horse (or even the mount that seems to be sound today). But the moments seem to freeze, no matter the weather.

Enter the solution. This looks like serious fun.

The Equestrian Scramble Squares - from B Dazzle is a brain-teaser for horse lovers. It’s sort of like a cross between a set of pony flash cards and a Rubik’s Cube. This ponderous plaything retails for about $10. 

You're supposed to line up all the little horses on all sides of every square. It's positively maddening - and marvelous.

Like equestrian pursuits, the puzzle is a lot harder than it appears.

B Dazzle also has Scramble Squares in bear, buffalo, cow, fairies, fish, kitten, moose, parrot, turtle, and dozens of other varieties. But the equestrian version is perfect for a pony pal.

Hey, Cupid! Skip the chocolates this year, and pick up one of these little puzzle games instead. I don’t need the sweets this Valentine’s Day. I’m still trying to burn off those Christmas calories.

No, I didn’t receive a Scramble Squares: Equestrian Puzzle for free or promotional purposes. But I’d really like one. I bet I could name five or six horse-loving friends who'd be hooked on this challenge too. Of course, once we started, we'd probably never find time to ride our horses. We'd be gripped by the puzzle till we got it right. Uh-oh!

I know someone who might like the golf version as well.

But we'd still better pick up a bin of Stud Muffins for you-know-who.
Equestrian Scramble Squares
From B Dazzle
Promotional photo/ fair use
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