Santa - Ponying up for a horse for Christmas?

Watch this first!

Hey, St. Nick! Stop horsing around. What’s on the top of every kid’s Christmas list? If it’s not a puppy, it’s surely a pony.

How many classic Christmas movies, TV holiday sitcoms, and storybooks contain happy “Santa brought me a pony” endings? Could an endearing little equine be the answer to any horse-loving youngster’s Yuletide dreams?

Perhaps. Still , it may be time to rein in some of that enthusiasm for things equid at the North Pole. A pretty pony is amazingly adorable, as long as the owner is ready for all that comes with such a charming creature.

Whoa, baby.

Gather the elves, big boy. Check this out before picking a pony for that special kid at Christmas.

Maybe it’s time to channel that unbridled enthusiasm.

Equine rescues often overflow after Christmas with these well-intentioned holiday gifts that didn’t quite work out. It sort of like the post-Easter phenomenon, when pet shelters gain a surplus of bunnies, chicks, and ducklings.

Santa: Can you add a pony to the pack and still keep the family stable, so to speak? Is the clan prepared to be saddled with the expenses and responsibilities of caring for the cute critter?

If so, have at it. (I’d bet I could even help you find a few suitable mounts.)

Shetland Pony by randoooooom
Creative Commons Licensing Photos

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