Dressage x Natural Horsemanship = LOL

What happens when you mix dressage with natural horsemanship? The results, in reality, might be wonderfully worthy. Still, the possibilities are potentially amusing as well.

Personally, I’ve dabbled in dressage, Western, trail, hunter-jumper, and more. And I’m learning some helpful pointers from natural horsemanship friends as well. (Yes, lots of good things happen on the ground between horse on rider, when the two are able to build a partnership through communication.)

So I found this video particularly entertaining.

This comic equestrian video may be primitive, but it’s also both poignant and laugh-out-loud funny. Whether you are a natural horsemanship guru, a dressage diva, a devoted hunter/jumper, or a rodeo fan, you’ll likely enjoy this.

Take a look at “Dressage – Naturally.”

OK, who wants to add a fringed top to a pair of white lycra full-seat breeches now?

Video Screenshot
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  1. This sounds really interesting. Horsemanship can be very exciting. It a process of building good rapport to a partnership that will shape both the horseman and the horse in the future.



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