Great Ride, Davy Jones

(Watch the late Monkees star Davy Jones ride a racehorse to win. Scroll down for video.)

Davy Jones died on Leap Year Day, apparently while seeing to his horses. The popular TV singer and TV personality was 66 years old when he died of a heart attack at his Florida horse farm. Here's the online story, with lots more information about Davy Jones and his equestrian pursuits:

The Monkees lost their former front man. Middle-aged women lost their first teen idol crush. And the horse world lost one of our own.

Davy Jones
(December 30, 1945 – February 29, 2012)

Equestrian enthusiasts and horse racing fans may remember Davy Jones as more than a Monkee. 

He was a lifelong horse lover. As a child, the diminutive 1960s pop star wanted to grow up to be a racing jockey.

Davy Jones actually raced.

Take a look at his initial win on video, as Davy Jones rode his own chestnut Digpast first to the wire at Linfield in 1996:

Farewell, “Daydream Believer” Davy Jones.

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Davy Jones
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