Weekend Roundup: Feb. 3-5 highlights for horse lovers

Maybe Punxsutawney Phil was scared of his own shadow, hiding back in his hole on Groundhog Day and proclaiming that winter would last another six weeks. 
However, Badger State horse lovers are much bolder, if this weekend’s roundup of equestrian events is any indication.

We may have Super Bowl Sunday coming up, but the big game doesn’t start till early evening. What’s in store for you before that?

Why not get up and out for equestrian fun?

Take a look at all the fun ways to horse around this week in and around Wisconsin:


Who’s in for horse-related activities this weekend in or near Wisconsin?

Are you headed for one of these fun-filled events, or do you know of another? Be sure to leave a comment and a link, if you do! Or tag me on your Facebook event page for this weekend’s and future events (for possible press coverage).

Or do you plan to spend time with your own favorite horses this weekend? What’ll it be this week, horse lovers?

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Winter horses photo
 copyrighted by Linda Ann Nickerson – Nickers and Ink
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