The Mane Point salutes Martin Luther King Day

Today is Martin Luther King Day, in honor of the human rights leader. Prejudices of many sorts still abound. Racism is rampant in far too many places in our world, even today. And animal abuse is all but abolished.

Here's what the famous American clergyman and civil rights speaker said:

“Never, never be afraid to do what's right, 
especially if the well-being 
of a person or animal is at stake. 
Society's punishments are small 
compared to the wounds 
we inflict on our soul 
when we look the other way.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.
(1929 - 1968)

 How might these words impact you today, or everyday? How do they apply to the ways we care for our own horses ... and those that may seem to belong to no one at all?

Photo copyrighted by 
Linda Ann Nickerson - Nickers and Ink Creative Communications

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  1. It seems like we haven't had a great leader like MLK in a longtime. One of my teacher friend's kindergartners said he wished MLK could be President (and never die, "like Santa... or Jesus.") :) Thank you for your reflection!




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