Helmet Protestor Killed in Tragic Crash

Helmet Protestor Killed in Tragic Crash

Head injuries can be catastrophic … but many can be prevented.

Motorcyclist dies in weekend crash.

Philip Contos (55), of Parish, New York, was killed July 2nd during a motorcycle ride protesting a law requiring bikers to wear safety helmets. Contos was tossed over his handlebars when his bike skidded suddenly out of control and crashed near LaFayette, New York. His injuries proved fatal.

Paramedics and state troopers hypothesized that Contos might have survived, had he strapped on the appropriate head gear for the ride.

The Saturday ride was organized by ABATE (American Bikers Aimed for Education) of Onondaga County, New York. Participants purposely went without helmets, hoping to prove their point of protest.

Alas, the result was tragically ironic and sad.

Bicyclists need helmets too!

Head injuries make up more than 60 percent of all bicycle accident-related deaths, according to statistics from the Children’s Safety Network.

Horseback riders face similar statistics.

Estimates from the Equestrian Medical Safety Association indicate some 60 percent of all equestrian-related accidental deaths are caused by head injuries.

Strap one on!

Helmets are required by law in most competitions and many communities for bikers, cyclists, equestrians and other riders.

Where’s your helmet?

Sure, safety headgear may mess up your hair. But that helmet may just save your head, your hide and your life.

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