Guts and Glory - Paddock Boots Gone Goth?

Guts and Glory - Paddock Boots Gone Goth?

Have you seen the trendy new paddock boots from Mountain Horse? These Wicked Rider boots look like a cross between Converse Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops and equestrian footwear.

Billed as "a new kind of equestrian footwear, where riding meets street fashion and function prevails," the Wicked Rider paddock boots retail for about $80.

(Actually, that price puts these stylized riding boots in a similar range to fashion sneakers too.)

Would you wear canvas and nylon paddock boots that look like street sneakers to ride?

How would these colorful paddock boots go over at your stables?

Leave a comment with your opinion. C'mon, tell us what you really think.



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  1. HAHA! I was at our local "Gallops"
    horse tack store over the weekend and the sales gal was unwrapping sets of those plastic/rubberlike, trendy shoes! That tattoo artist is all the rage, and almost done with in the fashion the horse folks get on board!

    I thought when Ariat came up with the tennis shoe/boot that was crossing the I own some, and love the support...way better than flat soles.
    But...I tend to think that these are for the 20 somethings out there that are in high end stables with something to proove!

    Give me a RED/WHITE/BLUE (no tattooing)pair...and I may reconsider!

  2. Okay. I'll embarrass myself. I WANT THEM. Pink please. I've been looking at the chunky Ariat tennis shoe/boot for summer. But I think I could get half chaps over these. .

    My barn's response? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    (then secretly in tack room: Where did you get them??)

    Excuse me, I have to go visit a Mountain Horse site...

  3. I don't really know what to make of them, except that... they're REALLY tacky. And unless you're one of those riders that has grooms to do everything for you and all you do is show up, get straight on the horse, then straight off and head for the lounge, you're NEVER going to be able to keep those looking nice. The pink especially. (Which might be an improvement since that color burns my retinas.) One of the great things with traditional paddock boots is that until they get to the falling apart stage, wear and tear doesn't look embarrassing, just normal.

    Plus, we've always had issues in the past with new riders trying to get away with sneakers until we tell them they can't do much of anything until they get proper boots. I can see these being an issue for a lesson barn because how much you want to bet a new rider's going to mistake these for 'normal' sneakers and get snippy when you try to explain the difference? I've seen it happen at pony camps over normal paddock boots with parents who don't want to hear that they have to go buy their kids boots on top of what they've already paid before we'd let the kid get on anything, so I wouldn't count it out here.

    Seriously? I'd never let them in my barn. Wear them to high school if they're so fashion-forward. As for me, I'm going to submit them to a blog I know where people seek out the ugliest/tackiest/most obnoxious horse gear ever made. (Most of it's pink and Barbie-ish.) These may not be for the horse, but I'm sure they'll appreciate them anyway. :D

  4. Not seeing how this is goth at all.



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