Does Your Horse Need a Winter Coat?

Does Your Horse Need a Winter Coat?

Icelandic Horse
by Andreas Tille

This Icelandic Horse looks as if he's ready for the winter months.

Is your horse prepared for the blustery days to come? Does your horse need a blanket for cold weather? Which horse blanket is best? How can you tell what sort of blanket to purchase for your horse? And what sort of care do horse blankets require?

Check out these helpful articles on horse blankets, from the National Equestrian Examiner. You might just want to pass along some of these ideas to your favorite Santa. Christmas is coming!

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  2. That's a serious winter coat, LOL. Mine are fuzzing up quite well. I blanket them when it get's really cold, try and hold off until late Dec or January when ever we start getting below 20*.



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