Wild Horses

The whirlwind of spring is underway. What a beautiful and busy season.

Between the geldings and the garden, the calendar is crammed with good things. Add a few writing deadlines and . . . . well, you get the picture.

This week, I will finish a HUGE year-long project and return to more regular blogging.

In the meantime, I simply must share a lovely music video that a friend just shared with me. This is "Wild Horses," by Natasha Beningfield.



Recently, I published an article online about favorite horse songs. (CTRL-click here to read "Top 10 Favorite Songs for Horse Lovers" in a new online window.) Are your favorite horse songs included? If not, how about leaving a note to list your favorites?)

What is your favorite horse song (or song about horses)? Leave a comment, and let me know!

Giddy-up. It's spring.

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