Get Back!

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“An expert is a person
who has made all the mistakes
that can be made
in a very narrow field. “

Niels Bohr
Nobel Prize-Winning Physician (1922)
(1885 - 1962)

Get Back!

The bell has rung;
Your recess ends.
You’re too far-flung
From kin and friends.

Behind the trees
You feign to hide,
But here with ease,
I’ll nip your pride.

Your mama calls;
It’s time to go
Back to the stalls
And end the show.

Some speak their peace:
I’ve judged a-wrong.
My expertise
And bite are strong.

So drop that tail;
Head for the aisle.
‘Though you may wail,
Your dam will smile.

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  1. missed this Sunday - spendid photo of the action sandy

  2. Thank you for your invite ...now I really have to use my camera! I'll try and get something over to you soon.