Sesame Street's Grover on Horseback?

Sesame Street's Grover on Horseback?

OK, maybe and maybe not.



Remember the Old Spice after-shave ads, which began airing on television during the 2010 Super Bowl football game and the Winter Olympic Games?

These ads featured a male model (Isaiah Mustafa) in the shower, on a yacht and even on a horse. (CTRL-click here to view the original Old Spice after shave advertisement in a new internet window.)

(CTRL-click here to read "Who's the Old Spice Hottie on the Horse?" in a new internet window.) 

Sesame Street's Grover has done it again, parodying popular culture. Who do you like better, the Old Spice model or the PBS TV Muppet?

Would you rather smell like a man ... or like a cuddly blue monster Muppet?

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