Far Afield

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Photo c2008 by Nickers and Ink

Far Afield
A Limericked Ride ‘Cross the Countryside

Let’s go for a ride in the green,
Where destiny beckons unseen.
We’ll gallop the plain,
No rules to explain,
Vacation from daily routine.

The most sacred wonders, we share,
No scorn or remorse to beware.
Ourselves, all alone,
No deadlines or phone,
We gallop the gulch with a prayer.

The rest of the herd worries not,
We smile at the wind at a trot.
The solace we hold,
Far greater than gold,
Resides in our own secret spot.

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  1. I love your horse-devoted website! Beautiful photo, although I wish I could see a close-up of the horse. :o)

    Nice Camera Critters share!

  2. great great site - many returns for me

  3. Nice verse, and the photo is really beautiful when enlarged.

  4. Exciting photo and lovely poem to go with it. Love the great expanse of the farmland.

  5. I like the photo and poem, makes me think of my sister's farm and horses...

  6. I am awed by people who can satisfy a variety of prompts in one post. i.e. I'm awed by you! I reached you two ways: through Sunday Scribblings and Mad Kane's Humor blog. Your photo is a beaauty.

  7. Nice shot of the horse and rider. I love the panoramic feel of the photo. The landscape is beautiful.

  8. A fine poem and the photo makes me want to be on that beautiful horse.

  9. The photo makes the poem come to life. :)

  10. Lovely poem to match the photo.

  11. very complimentary picture and verse --- the last three lines particularly resonated with me!!!

  12. I liked these Limericks. Well constructed.

  13. The wonderful photo and the beautiful poem are perfect compliments to each other. GREAT post!

  14. Great photo and I just LOVE the poem!
    My children love it also, and asked me to read it to them for their bedtime story tonight.