Drawing Forth

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Drawing Forth
(Thankful Lines for a Friend's Designs)

(for artme)

My playful horse inspires me, true,
But never quite as much as you.
An artful friend with gifted skill,
You raised me from the run-of-mill.

Your rearing horse, in ink and paint,
With untamed mane and no restraint,
Appeared within my box today.
“Hey, you’ve got mail!’ I heard it say.

I fairly nickered as I saw
The little equine you did draw.
And inspiration filled my heart
To view your thoughtful work of art.

This sweet surprise did heal my mind,
Which I had left three steps behind.
Thus reunited with my soul,
My thoughts stood still and became whole.

For childlike visions are the best.
Our equine dreams are fully blessed.
And as the horse lifts high his hooves,
Your act of love my spirit moves.

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  1. What a beautiful poem for a beautiful surprise gift! You are amazing! Thanks for sharing two posts with us at Hump Day Humor!

  2. Your poem is touching and wonderful!