Glancing at Prancing

Glancing at Prancing

All summer long, the streets of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, sported a rather unique herd of horses. Painted by local and regional artists, the Prancing Carousels adorned sidewalks, shop porches and store windows. At the end of the summer, the carousel horses were auctioned to benefit an area therapeutic riding center.

(CTRL-click here to read more about the Prancing Carousels and the S.M.I.L.E.S. Therapeutic Riding Center.)

Here’s my slideshow, filled with photographs I took of the 2009 Prancing Carousels of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, this summer:



One of my personal favorites, of all the Prancing Carousels of 2009, was Paisley Pete, by Sybil Brauneis Klug.

Paisley Pete

Photo copyrighted by Nickers and Ink


With psychedelic patterned coat,

With tail a-flip and mane afloat –

A living statuary proud,

He gallops motionless ‘mid crowd.

Elusive though his spirit be,

No shame may fade his gaiety.

Restarting rainbow’s wondrous glow,

He prances proudly, off to show.

Aye, could it be he knows the cause

For which he prances without pause?

As now this technicolor steed

Displays his daunt for others’ need.

So riderless, yet on the edge,

Imagination pays its pledge.

One day, he’ll grace another home,

This happy horse with colored chrome.

c2009 by Linda Ann Nickerson

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  1. love your is for a good cause. i work with kids and getting them around animals does amazing things...great post!

  2. That is a wonderful poem. Those are gorgeous pictures.